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Advanced wars was a game that brings back memories of childhood. It is a turned-based war game boy advance game where the objective is to capture another player’s headquarters.

Here is some gameplay if you have never seen the game before:

What I did

So, I took it on myself to write a basic copy of game in one week, which was an incredible learning experience (First big java project!)

Also, the clone is written in pure java using java swing.

There were some parts I had to figure out since this was pure java (no external libraries). Rendering was basically layering images on top of each other. I don’t even talk about how I managed to get basic movement animations/ranged attack missles to work.

Some screen shots:

Selecting a location for an unit to move to

Purchasing an unit

Compiling / Running

cd SimpleAdvancedWarsJava
cd src
mv ../*.png .
mv ../LeaderBoard.txt .
javac *.java
java Game

Github link